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Special Needs
Union County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management maintains an active list of those residents living in Union County with special needs for accomodation during disasters. This is vital information that EM planners and decision makers utilize to assist persons with evacuation or other assistance during disasters. It includes medical and family contact infortmation. The operations center in cooperation with the local department of health and emergency medical services prioritize transportation needs as well as assists in those individuals who medically may need certain items for sustainment or assistance such as food, water, generators for medical purposes or oxygen.

The Union County Office of Emergency Management requires pre-registration of your condition as a special need and signed by your physician. Please click here to download the special needs registration form and once filled out and signed, you may either mail or fax to the Union County Office of Emergency Management for inclusion to the database.

Family Disaster Plan:

Union County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management urges all citizens to "Get A Plan" This plan will take you through the important steps and give you ideas on how you can prepare a disaster supply kit. Click here to start your family plan and print it out!

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